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Ramsond atlas wind turbine Generator 1000 Watts 24 Volts with charge controller

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Product Description



W I N D   G E N E R A T O R


World Leader In Small Turbine Technology

Ramsond Atlas Wind Turbines (500-5000 Watts)


Wind energy is the undisputed champion of green energy technology - the most efficient, sustainable form of power generation by far. Economical, clean, and with recent technological advances much less costly to produce. Ramsond’s extensive knowledge in the fields of aerodynamics and motor technology makes it possible for us to easily custom design wind power projects of virtually any scope. From design to engineering to commissioning, we have the tools and technology to realize any project, regardless of size and location. And with systems ranging in size from 500 to 5000 Watts, Ramsond is now the world leader in small turbines.

Product Features

  • Patented Aerofoil 5 Blade Design with True symmetrical and twisted
  • Aerodynamic design which ensures rotor capture maximum power from the wind (CP>0.35 in low wind) and operates in amazingly low noise and minimal vibration
  • True symmetrical and balanced aerofoil blade ensures perfect generator rotation
  • High ratio of Tip-Section chord to Root-Section chord and Variable chord airfoil blade ensures rotor easy startup and smooth operation with high torque and maximum RPM in lower speed wind conditions
  • Aerodynamic blade designed with over –speed braking system to make sure the generator is well protected in higher wind
  • Reinforced nylon glass –fiber using advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for higher strength ,flexibility and reliability
  • CP>0.35 at low wind

Smart Blade Aerodynamic Braking and Electromagnetic Speed Limitation


Abandoning the traditional failure-prone mechanical furling system, the blade itself is designed to interact with the motor using an over-speed braking system in high velocity wind environments. When engaged, the braking system generates reverse 'reluctant' torque, lowering the rotation speed. This ensures the blades and generator will be well protected in high velocity wind, solving safety and reliability issues faced by most other small wind turbines.

The effect of using electromagnetic and aerodynamic braking in combination is maximal energy capture year-round: the feature expands the range of the turbine's operation speeds, allowing power generation in higher and lower wind speeds missed by older style wind turbines.


• Minimal Vibration and Low Noise Operation

Everything with moving parts will make some noise and vibration, and wind turbines are no exception. Most noise and vibration are caused by turbine blade rotation in the wind, causing generator resonance with the rotor and tower. Ramsond turbines are well-designed and work as quietly as possible in both high and low winds.

  • The blades have exceptional consistency and an aerodynamic outline with balanced mass distribution - this ensures the rotor operates with minimal vibration and very low noise
  • Perfectly matched rotor and generator components cause much less resonance between the wind turbine and tower
  • Aerodynamic Blade Braking limits blade rotation to optimal rated RPM, avoiding higher average noise levels and vibration caused by extreme wind

· Innovative slip ring design

Wind turbines with a typical slip ring design often twist and tangle the connection cable from generator to controller. This means the system has to be maintained and asjusted every few months. The Ramsond Atlas' slip ring design solves the problem completely, and gives the Ramsond Atlas wind turbine exception reliability and maintenance-free operation.


• Rotor And Housing

The patented rotor features a high quality stainless steel rotor shaft attached to a permanent neodymium magnet; the unique winding and multi pole design reduce the start-up torque of the alternator, assuring generator will produce more power at lower wind speeds than other systems.


The generator housing is made of a high density, precisely-cast aluminum alloy with minimal tolerance and with high quality sealant. This is in part why the Ramsond Atlas wind turbine can work normally in adverse working conditions - the class B insulation and IP56 class protection provide even more resilience. Finally, the Ramsond Atlas generator system is equipped with an over-sufficient overload buffer to ensure overall turbine reliability.


• Blade Specification


The blades are made from reinforced nylon glass-fiber, formed using advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for high strength, flexibility, and durability.

Ramsond Atlas High Efficiency Wind Turbines

Owing to tireless Ramsond R+D efforts, years of technology accumulation/advancement, and the finest workmanship, every 6th generation Ramsond Atlas wind turbine provides excellent performance, durability, and reliability. Following rigorous generator efficiency tests in laboratory conditions, the results have shown what the Ramsond Atlas turbine is capable of. But we expect you'll judge for yourself - our extraordinary results speak for themselves!


Technical Specifications:



 Rated Output

 1000 W

 Peak Output

 1200 W

 Rated Voltage (v)

 DC, 24

 Start up Speed

 2.5 m/s or 5.6 MPH

 Cut Speed

 2.5 m/s or 5.6 MPH

 Rated Rotor Speed (RPM)


 Rated Wind speed(m/s)

 12m/s or 26.8 mph

 System average Cp.

 ≥ 0.36

 Rated Charging Current (A)


 Noise Level

 <20dB (5m behind turbine @ 5m/s gusting)

 KWH/month (monthly avg.V=5.5m/s)


 Working Temperature Range

 From -40 F° to 140 F°

 Survival Max. Wind

 50m/s or 110mph

 Over-speed Control

 Electromagnetic & blade aerodynamic braking

 Number of Blades


 Rotor Diameter(m)


 Swept Area (m²)


 Blade Material

 Reinforced nylon glass-fiber

 Generator Type

 Brushless 3-phase PMA with high performance Neodymium Magnet

 Generator Material

 Aluminum alloy body & precision stainless steel rotor

 Net Weight

 62 lb.

 Tower Connection

 Flange connection or bolt-on clamp

 Controller Type



 Stand alone, solar & wind hybrid system, etc.

 Product Life (years)


 Warranty (years)





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Product Reviews

  1. Excellent choice for a small 1000 watt wind turbine 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Dec 2018

    I have had the generator up and going for about a month and it almost always turning and making power and has a low startup. It's also very quiet with no vibration. It has a remote that you monitor voltage, amperage and wattage. It is built better then the vast majority of other wind turbines. The design and workmanship very good